BVKG 2017 knit along

BVKG Mystery Knit-Along 2017

Clue 1
Clue 2

Clue 3
Clue 4 - please note, there is a mistake.  Do not work R1 as instructed, start with r2.  Also I accidently copied the chart from clue 3 into the last page of this clue.  Sorry guys!
Clue 5
Clue 6 - Final Clue!

Basic information:

A knit-along (KAL) is when a group of people all work on the same project for a duration of time, sharing their thoughts and input as they go.  A Mystery KAL is when the knitters do not know what the final product will look like and usually has sections of the pattern released over time.

For our 2017 KAL we will be using a previously published pattern on Ravelry that was chosen based on how easy it is to divide into clues, how easy it is to knit, yarn type/yardage and overall beauty.  During this KAL the only person who knows the final result are our President and Vice-President.

Sections will be released on a monthly basis the week of that month’s meeting, starting in February.  They will be posted on the BVKG blog with links on Facebook and Ravelry, and hard copies will also be brought to the meeting as needed.  There will be seven total clues, with the final clue being released around October (if all goes according to plan).  Some clues will be longer than others.

At the end of the year we will have a drawing for prizes based on completion.  Members must complete and block (we’ll have a blocking party when it’s closer) their final project to be eligible.  More info to come.

About the pattern:

The pattern selected is a top-down triangle shawl that ends with an (easy) lace border and is easily adapted to make longer if desired.  The name of the pattern WILL NOT be revealed until the end, so if you create a Ravelry project page, you will have to leave that blank.

Required yarn:  460+ yards fingering weight yarn.  Works best with tonal or semi-solids unless you really like pooling :D   Knitters may chose two different colored yarns if desired, and instructions will explain when to change colors.
May also be knit in a lace weight (For more airy and slightly smaller) or DK weight (for thicker/larger). Adjust yardage accordingly.

Needles:  US size 6 needles, 32in circular

Other notions: 2 stitch markers.  Tapestry needle to weave in ends.

Pattern is both written and charted.

Abbreviations and instructions for special stitches will be given as they appear.

In terms of photos, they are allowed to be posted as you knit. No secrets here! I special icon image will also be provided for those who do not wish to share photos but want to create a Ravelry project page.  You may also tag your project with the tag BVKGMystery2017 and share it with the group if you like.