Tuesday, September 17, 2019

October Members' Class:  Intro to Brioche Knitting

In this class, BVKCG members will learn about the basics of brioche stitch -- a wonderfully squishy, stretchy, and semi-reversible stitch.  We'll focus on one-color brioche in this introductory class, allowing everyone to concentrate on the concept and flow of this interesting stitch.  We'll also learn about fixing mistakes, so you won't have to worry if you mess up!

What you need for the class:
  • Approximately 50 yards of DK or worsted weight yarn
  • straight or circular needles one size smaller than recommended on the label of the yarn
  • crochet hook or "fix-it" hook for repairing errors

Not a BVKCG member?  No problem!  If you'd like to take the class, dues will be collected at the meeting - this will allow you to take all the classes all year long!  OR, we will have a separate social stitching circle where folks are welcome to come, meet new knitting and crochet friends, ask for help with their project, or get general fiber-y advice!  Beginners are always welcome!

See you in October!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Fall Kickoff!

It's time to usher in a new era for the Brazos Valley Knitting Guild!
Please join us on the 2nd Sunday of September from 2-4PM at Clara B. Mounce Library in Bryan, TX as we discuss and celebrate all of the changes we are making this coming year.

(Please note - future meetings will be at Ringer Library, but with their remodel, they are not quite ready to host us yet).

This will be a fun, informative meeting for all those, new and old, to learn about what our guild has to offer! Topics of discussion will be:
1) Official name and logo change
2) Officer elections and committee decisions
3) Upcoming classes, workshops and charity projects
4) The kickoff to our fall Crochet-Along

Tell all your fiber crafting friends to join us and spread the word! We want our guild to grow and thrive!

See you September 8th!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

November Meeting Recap - "When Good Sweaters Go Bad"

First of all, sorry I never posted info here about the November meeting.  For those curious, we will have our December meeting at WC Mercantile as a Christmas Party.  The info is at the bottom of this post, also on Facebook and Ravelry.

Our program in November was "When Good Sweaters go Bad" or as Andrea, our presenter put it - "Sweater Regrets- I've Knit a Few".  The idea was for Andrea to discuss the many, many sweaters she has knitted over the years and all of the things she has learned from both her mistakes and triumphs.

Below are photos and notes from each sweater she presented. (You can click the photos to see them bigger)


Sweater 1:

Andrea began knitting in 2005 in Inthica, NY, when she began working at a yarn shop.

Her first sweater happened during this time, with some Rowan Yarn.  Sadly, she did not know to fully read labels, and as such it felted and shrunk when she washed it the first time.

Sweater 2:

This was a sweater she knitted for her husband (I think he was fiance at the time) with an Interweave Knits Pattern.

She altered the sleeves and the math didn't work out well.
She also learned, as he wore it, that he was allergic to wool!

Sweater 3:

Knitted in Rowan Cashsoft DK, this sweater was deemed the "Worty Sweater" because of the bobble pattern. 

Andrea enjoys the funky bobbles, and learned to do zippers in the process.

Sweater 4:

Her first sweater when she moved to TX with husband for his job.  Quickly learned to not use heavy wool in the TX heat!

Sweater 5: 

A very lacy sweater that ended up shrinking in the wash, even on delicate.

(No photo sorry!)

Sweater 6:

A merino/cashmere blend that, when blocked, lost it shape.  It ended up expanding the wrong way.

Prior to knitting, she swatched, but did not block said swatch.  She learned to block her swatches, including hanging them to simulate the weight of your body.  She also learned to watch what yarn you substitute, as the original pattern called for 100% merino (I think that's right?)

Sweater 7:

Yarn from Iceland, that ended up way too itchy for a sweater.  She also had issues with the yoke.
Converted from a pullover to a cardigan, which is part of the issue with yoke.

Clever idea - blocked by walking in the rain while wearing it!

Sweater 8: 

Boho Chic'.  The measurements were good across the hips, but she should have gone up a size.  Also made the sleeves longer than listed, but didn't realize they'd block out REALLY long.

Sweater 9: 

"Tecumseh" sweater finished this past summer.  This sweater was swatched, but somehow still blocked out too big and the blue yarn bled like crazy! There were also tension issues due to adding the extra feather design. 

Andrea recommends going up a size with colorwork to fix tension issues.

Sweater 10:

Kaitlin Hunter pattern - apparently Kaitlin Hunter makes very "blousy" patterns.

This is still a WIP for Andrea.  She blocked the yoke to see how it would fit.  Learned that the blue opened up more than the pink - because the blue yarn has silk in it, but the pink doesn't.

Sweater 11:

Latest Finish! Laura Nelkin "Poca" .  Very interesting construction.  Starts at the cuff, working to the shoulder, than back to front, then to the other cuff.  While a fun knit, it is not a good shape on Andrea. 


Overall, Andrea shared her learning experiences with us and we all walked away with ideas of what to do (and not to do) when we are working on a sweater.  Sweaters are scary, they are just finicky!

Thanks to the Amazing Andrea for the program and for letting me take photos - I know some are not so flattering!


December Meeting/Party info!

December 14th, 2018 5:30-6 setup time, 6:00 dinner time. WC Mercantile in Navasota, TX.
It’s that time of the year! The official BVKG Christmas party! We will be at WC Mercantile in Navasota this year to celebrate the holidays as only knitters know how - with food and yarn!
Potluck! Please, if you can,tell us what you will bring on the Ravelry Thread: LINK
The guild is providing a ham. We will purchase it and Stephanie at WC will heat it up for us
Gift exchange (optional). This year we are keeping it simple. Bring a skein of yarn (either from stash or bought special for this) and pair it with a small goodie. Chocolate bar. hot cocoa . Tea. Coffee. Etc. KEEP IT SIMPLE. We will do a white elephant style (Stealing TBD) so anyone who brings something will get something. All we ask is that yarn be a Natural Fiber yarn please :)
Socializing, a party game (or 2) and charity knit (project gratitude) recognition will also take place.
Haven’t paid dues yet? Come anyway and pay there ($20 for the year). Not an official member or haven’t been to a guild meeting before? We’d love to meet you and tell you what we do. Consider coming and learning more about the great things we have planned for 2019!

Monday, October 8, 2018

October Meeting

Our October Meeting will be on October 11, 2018 at 7PM at Michaels in College Station.  All are welcome to attend, and guests may attend 2-3 times before being asked to pay. 

This month we are meeting at 7 as usual. Rhonda will begin the meeting with our usual discussions. 

We will draw names for secret Santa IF ENOUGH PEOPLE SIGN UP. go to the Ravelry page and post your list by Thursday if you wish to join! 

The program for this month is a simple one. If you have already crawled, bring your haul and share your experience. If you plan to this next weekend, come and listen for suggestions on where to go. Super laid back but we’d love if you came and shared something.

Other items on agenda are publicity and program ideas, as well as show and tell.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Recap and July Meeting

Notes from the June Meeting:

Our new officer board is as follows:

Lisa Urban - President
Cindy Nevels - Vice President
Susan Gater - Treasurer
Rhonda Lance - Secretary

We had our first meeting at Michaels in their classroom.  The consensus was that it was a good space to meet as it had good lighting and was easily accessible. We did end up needing extra chairs and there is concern if we have any large events that we should meet elsewhere.  We do not have a standing reservation, but it seems that it will be easy to get the room each month.  Cathy is in charge of this.

We discussed summer knitting and road trips, as well as future events.  We talked about becoming sister guilds with a group in Las Vegas.  Stephanie P. is looking into this further.


July meeting: 

We will meet at Michaels again, on July 12th at 7PM.  We have to be out by 8:50, as they close at 9.  You are welcome to leave earlier if needed tho.

The theme for this month's meeting is "My first..." That can mean a variety of things. Maybe your very first project. Or your very first SUCCESSFUL project (because we all know there's a difference!). Of the first time you learned something new. Or even a project you learned something major from. Bring anything you have to share that has to do with this open ended theme. 

We will also discuss what we want to see in the fall and new ideas for the coming year. 

**We have confirmed that Michaels has about 4-5 extra chairs if we need them, but if you're worries and really want to bring your own chair, go right ahead. Also food and drink IS allowed. **


See you all soon!

~Lisa, 2018-19 president. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

June Meeting: Summer Knits

Hi guys! Our next meeting is June 14th, at 7PM. Please read below for all the details:
I’m sure we’re all sick of this location change, but hopefully we have a ‘permanent’ spot now! We will meet in the Michaels Classroom, which is just inside the store off of University dr in College Station. If we like the spot, it will be our new home.
This month, since it’s summer, we don’t have a specific program. HOWEVER, we need to do officer elections, as we chose not to at the dye day (only 5 in attendance doesn’t really work). PLEASE, if you can come, COME! So that your voice can be heard in the voting.
The ‘program’ for this month is open ended: Summer Knitting. We will discuss the things we knit in the summer, the yarns we use, the places we travel (with our knitting) or the shops we like to visit. Bring in your favorite summer project or designer, share your favorite summer tips and tricks or just come knit with us!
We will also have a game, show and tell and general news.
Michaels asks that we please be out by 8:50, as the store closes at 9. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

April Meeting + Charity Knitting

Our April Guild meeting is going to be this Thursday, 4/12 at 7PM.  Our location is the CS firestation #6 on University Drive.

The topic for the evening is Charity Knitting, specifically our chosen charity - Operation Gratitude Click the link for more info or keep reading.

We will also go over guild news and have show and tell and a game.


About the charity:

Our program for the year is to knit more for charities, and the first charity we chose was Operation Gratitude.  The organization puts together care packages for men and women deployed overseas and one of the items they ask for is knit scarves and hats.

For scarves - 4-6inches wide, 48-50 inches long.

Yarns - subtle colored yarn that are soft and machine wash (does not have to be acrylic).  Also approved are red-white-blue.

Pattern choice is up to you, but both pattern and yarn should be gender neutral.

Started something already? Bring it! Haven't started? Bring the yarn and start tonight! Don't want to/don't have time? Bring yarn to share with others who may use it.

See you all Thursday!